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Potato salad with camembert cheese

Camembert cheese is added to the piping hot potatoes just after they are mashed!

Potato salad with camembert cheese

Category Western food
Difficulty Medium
Required time 25minutes
Calories 122kcal

Drinks recommended for this dish


Ingredients (2 persons' portion)

2 (about 300 g) potatoes
3 camembert cheese
1/2 cucumbers
1/8 purple onion
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
A (2-3 tablespoons soy milk, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, 2 teaspoons sushi vinegar, 1/2 teaspoons sea salt)
Black pepper
  1. Steam potatoes in a steamer, such as a bamboo steamer, until soft. (Or boil them.)
  2. Break the camembert cheese into pieces that are easy to eat with your hands. Cut the purple onions into cubes of about 1 cm, run them through water, and keep them in the colander. Cut the cucumber into cubes of about 1 cm.
  3. Peel the skins off the 【1】 potatoes, put them in a bowl and mash them while they are hot, then add A and mix well.
  4. Add 【2】 and parsley to the 【3】 bowl, mix well and put it on the serving dish. Season with the ground black pepper.

Point & Advice

It is all right to boil the potatoes, but steaming gives them a hot and delicious finish. Please adjust the amount of soy milk to suit your taste, depending on the moisture content of the potatoes.

Underage drinking is prohibited. Don't drink and drive.
Pregnant women should not drink alcohol. Drink responsibly.
Please recycle cans or bottles after you drink.


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