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Yellowtail broiled with soy sauce

This is a classic simple and delicious grilled dish.

Yellowtail broiled with soy sauce

Category Japanese food
Difficulty Very easy
Required time 130minutes
Calories 132kcal

Drinks recommended for this dish


Ingredients (4 persons' portion)

2 yellowtail fillets
A (50 ml each of sake, soy sauce, and mirin sweet cooking sake, 1/2 yuzu citron)
  1. Cut yellowtail fillets in half and marinate in A for two hours.
  2. Grill both sides over a medium flame in a fish grill.

Point & Advice

Please pay close attention as it burns easily.

Underage drinking is prohibited. Don't drink and drive.
Pregnant women should not drink alcohol. Drink responsibly.
Please recycle cans or bottles after you drink.


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